Friday, April 19, 2013

Star Wars Pop Art

May the Force Be With You...

Star Wars Pop Art

This lesson was so much fun and unexpected.  Our school just finished round one of the STAAR test, and is about to tackle the second round (this is the *New...And Improved*-Texas Assesment)
As a school, we decided to do a Star Wars theme.  I already had planned round 2 of my pop art lessons, but thought this would be a perfect fit, not only with the school theme, but the pop art theme as well.  The kids LOVE IT!!  This will be a lesson I repeat and build on for sure!!
Second through fifth grades did the character pop art.  We only focused on a few characters, can't wait to add a few more next time!  These were done with colored construction paper, art sticks and sharpie.  

Kinder and first did the light saber rubbings with the art sticks.  This was on the difficult side because they were so long.  We used some tape to keep down, but they still managed to move them a bit.

 These are the light sabers I made from heavy paper and glue.


  1. These are amazing! Could you PLEASE explain to me how your kiddos did the light saber rubbings? I can't figure it out! THank you for all your sharing!

    1. Hi Cara. Sure. I cut out the light sabers from a thick paper and added glue details. We did the rubbing on black paper with crayola art sticks, blues and reds, add a little white also and it will appear to glow. Then the kids added details with other colors and a border. We are about to do these again, so I will do a step by step soon. Hope this helps! Shelly

  2. What reference pictures did you use for your characters?

  3. Hi! How did you do the Pop art? These are so fantastic!!!