Monday, November 23, 2015

Stop... ipad Time!

So, right before school started, a little rumor was floating around at an art training that each of the art and music teachers at the districts 13 elementary schools would be getting a class set of 25 ipads.  Yeah, right!  So, we are hearing about these now, so MAYBE by the start of the 2016 school year we will see these ipads.  The very next week, I walk in to work in my classroom and this COW was in my room... with 25 ipads.  I'm really excited, and I have done a few things with my kids, downloaded a few apps and so forth.  But, I want to know from others, how do you use your ipads in your art room?  What are some apps suggestions?  Seems like many ideas for art apps that I've pinned are no longer available.  Thanks in advance for any educational advice you have for me here!!


  1. How cool! If I had a class set of iPads I would do lessons on animation. I think lego has a free stop motion animation app. Also I would do lessons on photography, awesome for teaching composition.

    1. Photography sounds fun. We started stop motion after Christmas. It has been fun and the kids are LOVING it! Thanks for stopping by!