Friday, July 3, 2015

The Collograph Stamp

My favorite part of the whole project, turned out to be the stamp itself.
Once the students had their prints done, and they had added the asked materials to each, I had them work on the stamp. First, they used art sticks by Crayola, to color the stamp. Then, they used metallic pigment powders to dust over the color.

Even though this seemed like the never ending project, there was renewed excitement when they started seeing their peers working on these stamps.

For most kids, it only took two days to color with the art sticks and add the powder.  Which is record setting time, when you consider it is the last couple weeks of their elementary career!  

I think I'll be doing these Collograph stamps again, with a few modifications. Number one, the stamp was too big, like 9" by 7". I'm thinking 6" by 4" is plenty big. Maybe this will help cut down on the amount of ink we used.  Also, I'm thinking two prints are plenty. Hopefully that will cut down on the time we spent on the whole project.

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