Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This lesson comes from the video, Art Lessons with Kids presented by Donna Hugh.  It has 3 lessons of rainforest animals, including the toucan, iguana, and tamandua.  I wasn't sure I would like watching a video for the lesson, I am ADD myself so sitting quiet for a full 50 minutes isn't ideal, and I'm an adult.  But, I do have to admit, when the tv is on the kids become mesmerized!!  Anyway, we broke it up into pieces.  We would watch 10 minutes and then I would review that information with a demonstration.  She goes extremely fast, so the kids can't watch and create. It took 2 days to get through the lesson this way and then they used an extra day on top of that just adding details.  The best part of this whole thing was their reaction to VHS, I'm sure this was a first experience for many of them.  If I backed up the tape to show them something they would geek out at her "erasing" her art!!  Got to love it.  I guess VHS really is a dinosaur technology.  (This lesson was done with 2nd graders)

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