Monday, February 24, 2014

Aboriginal Paintings and White Out Pens

The aboriginal paintings below were done by third graders.  The dotting method was done by using the end of a smaller tipped paint brush, not the bristle part but the handle.  I noticed that even with a pencil eraser, the kids could manage to make the dots look enormous.  On this project my teaching partner introduced an idea to me that I had never though of, or even heard of for that matter.   The white parts of the picture is actually a white out pen.  The upside is more control over the design than typical painting method.  Paint pens would be another option, but it could get really expensive, supplying over 100 kids with paint pens.  Now the white out pens are still expensive, but you can save a bit of money over using the paint pens.  I found that the fine tip white paint pens at the lowest price was $2.00.  The white out pens were around $1.50.  I'm sure if you buy bulk the savings would be more, but this was just a search on google.


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  2. You are absolutely right dear. I loved the way you explained it and being and artist I really admire Aboriginal Art. Your ideas inspired me to be more creative and dedicated.

    1. You are too sweet! I love aboriginal artwork also. I notice that kids really connect to it as well. Have a blessed evening!

  3. Awesome paintings of Aboriginal Art! All are really very impassive especially the outlining of white color in these paintings is looking marvelous. But tell me why you often paint crawling creatures onto your paintings?

  4. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. We actually look at many samples of aboriginal art. The kids create the animals very closely to paintings we are studying.