Friday, December 13, 2013

Picasso's Hands with Flowers Collage

This project I did a couple years ago at my previous school.  I decided to try it again with a few changes.  The students started by tracing 3 stems I drew for them.  I do this because I learned the first time around that they spread them too far out and it didn't look like it was in someone's hands.  Then we spend a few days cutting flowers and leaves out of painted paper.  We collect these in a zip lock bags till we are ready to glue.  On glue day, we have a nice long talk about how glue is the enemy of all art, but we still need it to complete our picture.  Most get it, but there are always a few that insist on using half a bottle of glue, which takes 3 days to dry!!  :)  And then there are the hands.  This is a project for kindergarten, the first time I tried it I had smaller classes, plus they were a very cooperative group of kindergarteners.  This year we are packed in like sardines and while there is always really mature kids in the group, well....  Helping 29 kinder trace and cut out hands just didn't appeal to me this time around.  So I cut them, they glued them, win-win.  They have a beautiful picture and I still have my sanity!

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