Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Loving Lucy

One year ago we started a week long journey with our daughter Lucy.  It was an event that would emotionally drain us and test our faith.  We depended on friends, family and even perfect strangers to pray on our behalf.  Our little lady would undergo a 6 hour heart surgery at Dell Children's Hospital. This was the event that would solidify with me not just how much I wanted her in my life, but how much I needed this little girl in my life.  And to be perfectly honest, she would teach me more in her first year of life, than I could imagine.  My husband, who writes in his spare time, has written a series of memoirs of our first year with Lucy.  While he hasn't yet published the surgery, he has covered our experience in the NICU.  His hope is that our experience will find it's way to other families who are just learning of their child's diagnosis.  
 I encourage you visit  On Loving Lucy , and share with anyone who might be going through a similar thing.  I know that when we first were going through this, I was seeking information from anyone and everywhere.  I found most comfort in hearing like stories, knowing that I wasn't alone.  

Lucy has lots of visitors, including Pastor Jenna Heart. 

Some of the Austin Firefighters that my husband work with, also come by to show support.
Blowing kisses to her Mom.

Sweetest smile.

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