Monday, September 9, 2013

Color Mixing Castles

This is a fun color blending lesson.  We talk about primary and secondary colors, and usually I read the book Mouse Paint.  I do this lesson with 1st and kinder.  I start by dripping red, yellow and blue at the bottom of each of their papers.  Once everyones paint is on the paper I hand each student a piece of cardboard, together we push the paint in unison, which seems to turn out better than if I just let them go for it.  We make our towers and then I show them how to swing the cardboard across to make the top of the turrets on each, or if they like they can use ONE finger to push the paint up to make the crenellation design.  On day two, we add flags, a moat, and doors.  Then, on the third and hopefully last day of the project, they can draw kings, queens, princesses, knights, dragons and anything else they see fit to draw on windows.  These are glued after they draw so that if they mess up they don't have to remove the window. 

Finished student example.

Student example, day one.

One of my early examples, I soon learned that it was best to add doors and windows with construction paper. 

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