Friday, February 15, 2013

Original Works Fundraiser 

This is going to be my 11th year to do a fundraiser for my school.  All but one year has been with Original Works.  I tried another company and was not pleased.  Parents expressed they liked Original Works better as well.  Two of the lessons I have kept the same all of these years, ocean life and rainforest animals.  Everything else I have changed a time or two.  In fact, until this year I have kept the kinder lesson.  I decided that I would have all grade levels do various habitats.  So 5th grade did Safari sihouettes, 4th rainforest animals, 3rd ocean life, 2nd magnified bugs, 1st my home, and kinder did the baby birds. The money raised helps me buy clay and glazes, special items like metal tooling supplies, scratch art, and shrink art.  Plus, I've been able to build my own library!   Do you do a fundraiser? If so, what type of fundraiser and what do you buy with the money?


  1. I do OW too! I love your take on the projects. Very cool stuff!

  2. Thanks Jen. How long have you been doing OW? What grades do you teach?

  3. plzz write down the instructions

  4. Hi I am a new art teacher. I love this idea of having a fun raiser. How did you plan this? What gave you the idea? What were the rules behind being able to sell the students art work?

    1. I had seen Original Works at TAEA. They are a great company that has everything laid out for you. I think now they even send you a lesson plans packet to give you ideas for your project. They will provide you with a order packet that will give you date deadlines for every step. The last 3 years I did the project, I recruited a parent to help out with handling the money and ordering. I looked over everything and double checked everything. You want a good, dependable parent for this job. I always offered $50 in products to the person helping out. this freed me up to just worry about finishing artwork and making sure each artwork was signed. I always made between $900 and $1400 each year over the 11 years I did it. I used square one my second year, but went back to Original Works for the quality of the product. Good luck and contact me if you have more questions.