Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ancient Egypt

I was inspired a few years ago to do an Ancient Egyptian Unit after my husband and I went to visit family in Colorado.  Grandparents took our two children, at the time, while my husband and I got to hang out for a night in Denver.  We decided to spend part of our time at the Denver Art Museum, which happened to have an exhibit of King Tut and other great pharaohs.  I left inspired and full of ideas!  I can't wait to do this unit again.  I have ideas to change a few things up, but was very happy with the products the kids made.  While everyone seemed to enjoy this unit, I noticed the boys in particular extremely enthused.  

I do not have a picture of the second grade piece, which was an amulet design done in clay.  Hopefully I can find examples of those soon.

Some great resource books for Egyptian Art.

Make your own cartouche on the web.  Then have the kids cut out cartouche for a printmaking project done on foam board.  This was a project I did with my 1st graders.

Kindergarten made the Egyptian gold collars.

Sarcophagus design by my 5th graders.

My example of the Egyptian collars.

More student examples of the Egyptian cartouche.
Hieroglyphs done with metallic crayon.

Some 5th graders who finished there work early got to make an Egyptian amulet in gold scratch art paper.  They added detail with acrylic paints.
Fourth graders made their designs incorporating a variety of things, including; deities, hieroglyphs, amulets, and patterns. They then used colored pencil and sharpie for color.  These were wrapped around pringles cans to complete the canopic jars.

Third graders made designs of Egyptian deities in gold metal art foil.  Then used sharpies to add color.

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  1. This fantastic! Those kids that made the art are probably all grown up by now, but their art is still relevant and beautiful. I teach Art 3rd-5th in NM. I'm searching egyptian projects that can be done in 2 sessions. Can you tell me if you bought worksheets or videos or reference sheets? Do you have a lesson for purchase on teachers pay teachers. ? Thanks