Friday, December 21, 2012

Asian Cultures and Chinese New Year

One of my favorite units to study is Asian Cultures.  There is so much great children's literature, which I always incorporate with this lesson.  
  Here are a few lessons from several different years, I think they range from 2007-2010.  
Washi Dolls

Washi Dolls with watercolor backgrounds and cherry blossom tree.


Koi stamp 

Weaving done on Kimono.



  1. I am in awe of your Asian art lesson plans! Would you be willing to share your lesson plans in a tutorial form? I am anxiously awaiting your response!

  2. Hi Pat. Yes, I am mostly living out of storage with my personal lessons, since I moved to my new school and job share. It may take me a few weeks to go through boxes to find my Asian culture unit, but I will for sure do a tutorial. I've been asked to do a tutorial for my Klimt lesson, which I will publish soon. I will try to make it a goal to cover in November. Blessings, Shelly