Sunday, November 4, 2012

Art show from years past, 2008 to be exact. I was just browsing old pictures and found these.

We were doing an artist study of  Roy Lichtenstein.

I do these ocean landscapes as a fundraiser with Original Works each spring.

Does anyone remember Foohy gel markers?  They were awesome, so sad they have discontinued this product!  It was truly my favorite coloring media to use, they were such great rich colors! I've made myself sad.

I think the picture in the middle was colorful architecture from La Boca.  Then, more pop art with Andy Warhol, a printmaking project. The  metal was exploring line.  

I almost forgot about these colorful castles.  Kinder and first grade pushed primary color paint drops with cardboard pieces to see the color mixing.  Then they got to add all the fun extras on their castles.

I love the mermaid swimming in the moat on this one!

More pop art and also metal trees.  

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