Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mirroring 360

If you have an Ipad in your classroom, this is will change your life!  Last year our district issued each teacher an Ipad and at the beginning of this year, we were given a dongle. 
 But, every time I wanted to use it, I had to get behind my computer, it was awkward and of course my back is turned while I'm trying to set up.  Not that it takes THAT long, but still, sometimes it doesn't take that long for mischief to happen.  And if you've been teaching long at all, you know to cut down those opportunities as much as possible.

 Later this fall, we started using mirror 360.  I don't have to remove plugs, I don't have to turn my back to the class. I walk up to my computer and select a few things and can immediately start to project on the screen.
Even better, is I can walk around the room, I'm not "stuck" anywhere.  If I've got a group of students that need proximity, no problem.  I can go stand by them and present my lesson at the same time.
It is such a great tool, it has encouraged me to use more technology in my classroom the last few months.  You may have to check with your technology department, it is possible they will need to install the mirror assist onto your home computer, but other than that it is a piece of cake!
It has really come in handy now that I have my class set of IPADS.  I can show them the apps that they can use.  I can demonstrate the tools on the apps, which saves so much time.  
Demonstrating using 123Sculpt. 123Sculpt. 

Demonstrating using the MoMA App.

Here you can see, that what I pull up on my IPAD projects on the computer, which projects to the screen!  Isn't this technology lovely!  Sure, keep the might need it in case of an emergency, or maybe you don't want to make your life just a little easier!  But trust me, you are going to love Mirroring360

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