Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holiday Art Work...Yes or No?

These are art pieces from my previous school that I just ran across.  I spotted these on another blog 4-5 years ago and wanted to do them with my kids at school.

Holiday art can be a bit tricky though and I didn't want any kids to feel left out if everyone was doing them. No one wants to be the one kid singled out, ever!

So after some contemplation I decided that after my several weeks of working on another art project, I would offer several centers for them to choose from. (Of course, only after the art lesson was completed  and all parts of the lesson was done as expected)  There are always the kids that rush and completely destroy their artwork so they can go to centers...ummm I don't think so.  

Anytime centers are allowed, I always make very clear that if they are skipping steps or rushing/scribbling to get done and get to centers, they will be very disappointed when they have to start the lesson completely over.

I also let them know that centers are a privelge that is rewarded by their hardwork. If hard work isn't being demonstrated, then it will be a long time before centers are offered again.

Both of these projects, plus another non holiday art piece, in addition to free drawing and manipulative stations were offered.  The centers were a success and no one stood out because of their religion or personal beliefs.  How do you handle holiday art?  

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  1. I'm the art docent for the 4th graders this year and well it's that time. I decided to do the Picasso inspired witch as well as offer a Frankenstein version. It's the first time I've been asked for a holiday specific project. I was shocked.

    Last year we did an Ansel Adams inspired tree for Autumn time. I just don't want to hear how families hate the witches or feel we are talking of witchcraft. So political these days