Friday, May 1, 2015

Paper Weaving with Second Graders

It's that time of the year where we have started all of our weaving projects.  We start with second grade doing paper weaving.  I decided to keep this project pretty simple, we used construction paper crayons on colored construction paper.  
They started by doing line designs on gray construction paper.  I asked that the lines be super tight and multiple colors stacked.  Once they finished the gray paper, they were allowed to choose a second, brighter color, to help with contrast.  Again they were applying line design, but they were asked to change orientation of line.  

After the second paper was complete, they were given rulers to draw out lines for cutting.  I like using rulers when I can, it gives me an opportunity to teach them how to hold the ruler.  It always surprises me  to watch them use a ruler.  
Students then cut their strips and lay out their longer pieces.  We use blue painters tape to anchor the top.  This works really well, the tape comes off easily and can also be reused multiple times.  Once a kiddo is finished she/he is asked to find another student to help.  This really moves the project along, and I love that the kids really enjoy helping and teaching their peers.  

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