Sunday, December 28, 2014

Eagles Art Night 2014

Eagles Art Night 2014 was a very successful event this year.  We even expanded the art in two places, both the cafeteria and the school gym.  Which was excellent, it made it less crowded and I think people hung around a little longer.  The pictures below are from about half way into the event.  All of the empty  spaces are where art work once hung, but parents framed the work. 

This picture is the framing station, completely lead and worked on by parents.  This year we had 200 frames and sold out.  They placed a second order of frames, but I did not hear what the final count ended up being. 

Here are some of our cuties proudly displaying their work.  This is such a huge event for our school and it would not be possible without all the parent volunteers.  We had volunteers double checking to make sure every one of our 720 students had artwork.  We had volunteers checking to see that every child signed their name and it had the appropriate class label on the back.  We had volunteers to hang the work on the butcher paper. Parent volunteers for getting the work both up and down in their displays, and volunteers who ordered frames and did the framing.  Talk about team effort!  Oh, and did I mention we had a talent show during the art exhibit that required volunteers to organize that as well.  I love to see that this school community embraces and celebrates the arts.

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