Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Painted Puzzle

These paintings were done by my kindergarten kiddos.  They were given 4 colors, including one metallic.  I started one color on each of the tables and they rotated. This helped me monitor how they were using the paints. With each color I would give them a few simple instructions, like draw a spiral and two straight lines.  They could arrange these any way they wanted on the paper.  With each rotation of the paints they were given different instructions, until their papers were full of color. Before they came to me the next class, I folded each of their papers (see below).  They used these lines to do their cutting.  Once they were done, they mixed up their pieces and made a new arrangement.  These pieces were then glued to the black background paper. This was a two day project for the students.

It is hard to see the folds on the painted side, so I have them turn to the back.  

Folding is much faster than ruling out all these lines for almost 30 kids in a class.  It took me about 10-12 minutes to fold one class.
Art work after painting.  

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