Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Indian Headdress

What do you think of when you say Native American or Indian?  Do you think of a headdress?  
 There are many different styles of headdress adapted by different tribes.  The Sioux Indians wore the most  traditional headdress. Only the brave warriors wore them.  And actually, each feather was earned through brave acts.  In the beginning, a young warrior would collect his feathers on a pole and use it for special occasions.  Once a warrior earned enough feathers, he and his closest friends would bind the feathers into an original headdress.  
I decided that teachers are much like warriors.  We work late hours.  We worry about our "tribes".  Are students are at the heart of every decision we make.  So, I had each of my fourth grade classes make a band with their teacher's name.  They had the freedom of decorating however they wanted.  They also made an original design for their feather.  Each feather was made of brown craft paper, once the pencil design was completed they used large black sharpies to outline.  Then, color pencil and art sticks were used to color in the design.  Each child attached their feather onto the  "tribes" head band to complete the headdress look.  

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