Thursday, May 9, 2013


Sorry I was needed elsewhere.   A very important person required I be there for her.  It seems I am missing her grow right before me.  Just a year ago you were in the hospital, and we had just learned that you would have heart surgery.  That is over and done with, and look at you now!  Heart surgery success, check, feeding tube gone, check... sitting, crawling, standing, check. Walking and talking, not yet, but we'll tackle that too.  For all the Mommies that work, remember work is just that, work.  For the working moms that are teachers, we give and give for all those sweet children at school, but remember to make time for your own, we are their teacher as well, and we need to teach them that they are the MOST important of ALL!  Plus you will be a better teacher to those sweet babies at school when you balance your life, family first!

(Don't worry, no secrets here, my principle knows that today I had to spend a day with Lucy.)

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